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WHOA! This is a loooooong post! I have poured my heart and soul into this one out of passion for the topic. Being a stay at home Mum with kids in private school the bills are tight! Whether you are trying to work less for worklife balance, forced home due to a eek ‘pandemic’, hate your job or just want to see what is out there you have come to the right place my friends! I have wracked my brains thinking of ideas that aren’t commonly thought of but each and every one of the things listed below can work if you are dedicated. Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

1) Have a clean out and sell anything you don’t need online

This is a great first step! Clear your space because it can make room for a more creative version of you! You never know when a home craft business can take off. First you must clean up, declutter and make those old purchases earn you some fast $$.

2) Reclaim old furniture

This one takes a bit of effort but you can earn a lot of decent cash by putting some love and imagination into an old piece of furniture. Look at this before and after pic: I purchased this for $150 and literally washed the covers and gave it a clean. Putting it in a nice room we have and taking photos I sold this for $375. That’s $225 profit and all I had to do was go and pick it up, clean it and take nicer photos. Treat it like a job and you could earn some good cash on the side and keep your kids with you.

3) Find your local Auction House

Some friends of ours were going through a serious financial drought a few years back and it almost brought them to ruin. To keep herself distracted from their money woes my friend went online and saw a live auction, she purchased a bunch of old chairs for around $35. Her husband scoffed at her! She cleaned them up and then sold each chair for $30, she made around $300 profit! To this day she is still buying stock from local Auction houses and selling them online. She has clever ideas to stage them nicely and doesn’t ask too much for them. Some weeks she collects hundreds of $$ while other weeks its a bit slower but it’s a great way to have extra money in your pocket and you get to do the work around your life – not the other way.

4) Start your own blog

This will not be easy but the rewards can be sweet my friend. You need to pick a topic you are passionate about and be consistent. Here is a really great blog on how to get started, these guys have been mentioned in Forbes, money, Today Show and more. They know their stuff!

5) Sell at a local market

If you love baking, crochet (I love that this has made a comeback! Even though I’m useless at it myself), quilting, sewing, recycling old clothes/homewares, antiques, toys or collectables. Why not consider selling some at a local market or car boot sale. They are out there and range from basic to upper class elegant. Choose your style and give it a try. I tried a gift basket business and I had a stand at a local flee market. I had lots of interest and comments on how nice my gifts were but I didn’t make one sale all day! I was so deflated and crushed. A few weeks later I decided to go back and sell the stock individually and I sold $500 worth of goods in one morning. I then realised that this particular market was for bargain hunters and people on a walk with some loose change in their pockets. My first attempt was selling the wrong goods to the wrong market. If I had gone to a craft market or high end market I possibly would have done better. So the rule is – know your buyers!

6) Make gift baskets

As mentioned above I started a small gift basket business. I had so much fun doing this and it allowed my creative juices to flow. I’m also a terrific shopper and can find bargains anywhere! Putting together the baskets was such fun and I advertised on local Facebook groups. Once momentum was building I had to keep up with it. Marketing your business and finding buyers is the hardest part. If you start small and sell locally you have a greater chance. Sell your baskets at schools, craft markets, local businesses, online selling sites like Ebay, Gumtree, Craigslist, Facebook. It’s a very rewarding business and you can build the baskets up in your spare time.

7) Become a consultant for Tupperware, Thermomix, Doterra, Body Shop…

If you passionately use any of these products and find yourself telling people about it, why not consider being a consultant. You may not make a full time wage on this (at least not straight away) but you have the covering of the brand and their marketing tools. You can just focus on selling a product you love. This post has some great ideas if you are considering a career in consulting.

8) If you are thinking longer term get skilled and become a virtual assistant.

This really is a new field and in high demand. There are companies that hire Virtual Assistants and ‘rent’ you out or you could go it alone and advertise your services on job sites and locally. Make it easy for someone to hire you, plant ideas in their minds with catchy slogans like ‘need an assistant for a few hours a week?’ or ‘save money and time by hiring me to organise your business without the hassle of wages’. Do a letterbox drop to let local businesses that you are available and you can even offer a free one week trial.

9) UBER/Ride share

Don’t discount this one! If you are on your way home from work and its over 30 minutes away you could potentially earn an extra $100 a week just bringing someone home! It all adds up! A little bit here and there can add up over a month and pay your grocery bills!

10) If you have a spare room get accredited and start your own family day care

If you have little ones at home and all the toys one can dream of, why not consider looking after other people’s children too? You can pick your own days/hours, do out of hours care like evenings or weekends. They are the hardest type of carers to find – trust me!

11) Tutor

Are you clever? Turn those brains into cash. This is not exactly my area of expertise so I’ve got a link here as a starting point for you.

12) Earn money doing what you do everyday.

Are you making your own shampoo, creams, bath bombs for your kids, cooking neat little cakes or curries, walking your dog every day, cleaning, gardening, decluttering/organising, babysitting your nieces, ironing? Can you do these things for other people and earn money? Services are a popular commodity these days! People are so time poor that the menial tasks in life often become a drag. There are many many people that would rather pay someone for a service if it means they don’t have the pressure of that task on them. Do a letterbox drop around your neighborhood and/or advertise at your kids school to get your first few clients. Usually word of mouth spreads like wildfire if you are good at your service.

13) Rent a room/ Air BnB

This one would take a bit to set up but it would be worth the effort for sure! Think about why someone would come to stay at your place. Are you near a conference centre, theatre, sporting field, winery, festival, university, country setting, on a farm, near great walking trails, have lots of animals or kids friendly play equipment for kids. People travel for all sorts of reasons like visiting family, conferences, sporting events, concerts, festivals, hospital treatments and they are all looking for somewhere affordable, comfortable or friendly to stay. Click here for a great ‘how to’ post.

14) Teach English online

This could be super easy! Teaching overseas students English is a clever idea for all involved. They get to learn English from someone who speaks it fluently (that’s you!) and you get to earn some money on the side. Read this post for where to start!

15) Ride share

Ride share is similar to Uber but there are apps that allow you more freedom and extra cash. Earn money when you have to drive anyway sounds amazing. Some that come to mind are Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via, Get, Ola, Flywheel, Curb… just to name a few. Check it out and see if it can work for you.

Don’t be afraid keepers nation to experiment a little and try something out. Don’t spend money setting up the best tool shed to build toy chests if you have never worked with wood before. Start small, learn at your local hardware store, borrow the equipment and see how long it takes to make just one. Let it grow authentically. The idea is to earn money not spend it on another great idea!

A little goes a looooong way! Save those pennies and cut back wherever possible on your current expenses. Saving $35 on a bill each month, being careful with takeout and grocery shops, earning $100 with Uber, selling cakes at a market on a Saturday morning or repurposing furniture and selling it online can all add up. You can do it from home and be your own boss. Congratulations! You just created an income for yourself.

For more information on how to save money each month read this!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post. I put a lot of thought into it and wish you all the very best! If you have any questions or comments please leave below and don’t forget to put your email below to be the first to see new posts!

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