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Before I had children I thought I knew a fair bit about what being a good parent entailed. Didn’t we ALL! What I never realised is just how hard parents have it! I did not know and no one told me that every single parent walking this earth is tired, craving time out, exhausted, time poor and whatever else you wish to add to my list! Parenting is blissful torture!

Don’t get me wrong I adore and love my children and most days I feel I have done the best job I can to raise healthy and well rounded children – BUT! It is so hard!!!

At the moment the entire world is in lock down, thanks very much Coronavirus! It has only been two weeks for me with my children at home full time and I want to buy a one way ticket to anywhere!

After a very long day with two boys with boundless energy and plenty of gusto I am DONE! So how are we going to get through a possible 6 months of social distancing together and not damage our kids with constant bad moods??? I think it starts with our attitude.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman

There is absolutely nothing we can do to change our circumstances right now. Some of us are financially in trouble due to job cuts while other families will be struggling to be in the same house for extended periods! Somehow we have lost the true value of family identity and strength. If you feel like you belong to a group of people (family) your sense of worth and security is stronger. As adults we need our work colleagues, friends and family because they give us a sense of belonging and purpose. Well, our children are the same except they are looking to us as their parent(s) to give it to them. Lets not fail our younger generation. This is the most important opportunity we may have to inout wisdom, love and support into their lives. I’m saying this because right now we have been forced to stay home and ‘quarantine’ from the outside world. This means concentrated time together and the best opportunity to Get to the heart of your child!

If we look at this time as an opportunity to better our relationship with our children then that should be the most important priority for all parents right now. For more on this topic I truly admire the writing of this article 3 mistakes that turn your child’s heart from us.

A really great thing to do if you just don’t know where to begin is to create a little family mantra or list of your family values. Here is an example of our family values that my husband and I put some thought into last year.

Just remember you only have your children for a short time (even though it doesn’t feel like it!) so lets make it count.

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