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How to Survive being at home with kids!

Hi Keepers!

During this extremely uncertain time in the world we have little eyes watching us, they will be aware that something has changed in the world and looking very closely to you and other influences in their life to determine how they should feel.

There are many different opinions of how much we should allow our children to know and be exposed to. In my opinion I think it is good for children to know what is going on in the world they are part of but with caution. Keep it age appropriate and have conversations with them. They don’t necessarily need to be reading online articles or watching the news if they have you directing them and teaching them the right response to a world pandemic.

In saying that, most of us don’t know how to react ourselves! I mean we can’t even buy toilet paper here in Australia!! The best advice I can give is that we must reach out to others and show your children how to have a sense of community, have some fun with it and enjoy the opportunity we have to spend time with our family. Try and give your children memories of what they did when they were stuck at home. It can be fun and we can and will pull through this so lets do it with a bit of creativity.

I understand that a lot of keepers families aren’t used to being together this much and I have had several requests from people desperate for ideas on how to be at home and not go insane! So I have included a FREE download example of the schedule I use at home below. This will show you just exactly how I run my household and hopefully give all you Keepers out there some FAST inspiration!

This does not need to be a stressful time at home if we are proactive and remind ourselves that it is temporary. For those that have faith we are reminded we do not need to fear. If you aren’t sure about your faith, this might just be a nice time to seek. Religion is one thing but knowing your creator will centre you and cast all fear! Give it a go!

You can also click here for a FREE printable version so you can start this today yourself!

Thanks for Reading! I hope you got something out of this today. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay in the loop.

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