About Me

About me

you’ll never be the perfect parent,

…but you can be a great one!

About me

Hi and welcome to my blog! I have been considering for a long time now whether to start writing online in an already super saturated topic – parenting! Why would anyone care what I have to say and why would I bother putting all this effort into something people may never read?! Those thoughts stopped me from doing anything about it – until now. You see I am a stay at home Mum and my reasons for staying home to raise our children is to prayfully instill confidence, faith and strong family values in them before they start school. That’s not to say parents that work can’t achieve the same things for their own families, it’s just a decision we made for our home. My husband also has a very busy work life and when I went off to work too it became a crazy stressful household and that’s not why we had children. 

Since making the tough decision to stay home and be with the children full time I have had my ups and downs with it. For the most part it is rewarding and beautiful. I love all the cuddles, laughs, smiles and games we play during the day. The other side to it is a messy house from being in it all day, loneliness and feeling isolated or cabin fever! The struggles are real and like all normal parents I have found myself searching all kinds of topics online in hope that I’ll feel encouraged. A kind word written from someone in the trenches of parenting can go a long way on a slow and miserable day at home. We ALL have them! Some days I would end up laughing my head off at something hilarious on Facebook, other days I would feel encouraged and some I’d feel worse and give up. So! I feel I have a voice and a strong one with plenty of encouragement and help to give. I have been fortunate enough to have some wonderful mentors at my fingertips too. Everyone needs a cheerleader but we also need people in our lives that are bold enough to show you a different way at times. Some of the things you read on this blog may not work in your life and that’s fine but I assure you that I have not written anything down that isn’t tried, tested and true. 

So finally from one Mummy to another – thanks for swinging by and you’ve definitely got this! 

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1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi Justin!
    Thanks for your kind words! Congratulations on launching your site, all the very best! I use Dara Theme and loving it!
    Stay safe and happy writing!


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